January 2, 2007

Golf Cub

Buick spokesmodel Tiger Woods announced his wife Elin Nordegren [check all that apply: Swedish/bikini model/twin/nanny], is pregnant, and so far, the sports world's headline writers have showed remarkable restraint. [Though at least one true believer has already predicted that the golfbot won't be like that wuss Jack Nicklaus and let fatherhood get in the way of what's really important.]

Woods said baby is due sometime this summer, which Sportsline guesses, "likely would be between the U.S. Open and British Open." [i.e., June 17-July 16, though they could have played it as it lies and said, "around the time of the Buick Open which ends July 1st."]

Tiger Woods announces wife, Elin, is pregnant [cbs sportsline]
As a dad, Tiger Woods will not use those same baby excuses that Jack Nicklaus did [travelgolf.com]

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