January 1, 2007

Kid Steps On A Tack, Freaked Out Mama Calls Back

Consumerist got a report from Brady, a dad in Burlington, Vermont who works nights and stays home days with his 14-month-old son during the day. Turns out Brady & Son went to Playdate, and indoor gym-type deal at the University Mall, where Son stepped square on a tack that was lying around the no-shoes facility.

Casual customer disregard, meager refund, and then enraged phone call from Mom ensued. You can read all the blood-boiling details and the ensuing debate over there.

No grand mom vs dad response lessons to be learned, perhaps, just a slow news day in Vermont. I mean, whatryagonnado? Cart around little Red Wing steel-soled socks for the kid to change into?

Indoor Playground Takes Wrong Tack When Child Steps On Pushpin [consumerist]

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