December 20, 2006

Naming Like It's 1904 And/Or 2004

British folk are apparently all naming their kids after their grandparents now, says the BBC's Keely Paice, with lots of 1906-era names like Henry and Max and Ruby and Alfie. Alfie? That's a character on the Eastenders, so they're actually naming them after TV shows, if not, one hopes, after awful Jude Law remakes of decent Michael Caine movies. [And while we're on the subject of names we've heard before, isn't Keely Paice The BabyPlanner?]

And there's also the problem that 1906 would actually be closer to our great-grandparents...Anyway, one of the first things I ever linked to back in 2004 was Danny O'Brien's analysis of how he and his wife found themselves part of an old-fashioned/ ancestor babynaming trend. Still good stuff.

How about Ruby, after my gran? [bbc via dt reader sara]

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