December 19, 2006

Belly Door By Elmgreen & Dragset


A few years back, some artist friends in Berlin, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, made a series of sculpture/installations that involved doors. Doors with two handles, doors two doors facing each other and chained together, etc.

The idea seems to be a good one, because the German print gallery Edition Schellmann has commissioned a whole bunch of artists to make a freestanding door-based work for the "Door Cycle." [Even more years back, Schellmann did a whole series of wall-sized works, too; so really, they're just working their way around the house.]

Anyway, Elmgreen & Dragset's piece, called Belly Door, requires almost no explanation. The painted fiberglass-over-wood door belly could just be the result of a year's worth of Oktoberfests, but it looks fairly pregnant to me.

Belly Door is available as an edition of 15, price is not extreme, maybe even a bit of a bargain for Elmgreen & Dragset's work. []
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