November 15, 2006

DT Namewatch #15: Pronounced Edition

  • Tord, which may, unfortunately, rhyme with word. Dutch designer taking over Target at the moment []
  • Jaime Hayon "(pronounced 'Hi-me Hi-on')", Spanish designer discovered while searching for how to pronounce Tord [via guardian]
  • Mare "(pronounced Mah-Ray which is Italian for 'sea')", ditto. [via treehugger]
  • Kyeann "(pronounced like 'cayenne' pepper)", ditto. [via treehugger]
  • Duquan, pronounced dew-KWAN, made my Jamba Juice today. When I asked if his name was, like, Asian, he laughed and said, "No, just ghetto."
  • Elektrifikatsiya, means "electrification"
  • Ninel, Lenin backwards. Party members' kids names [via the Soviet Textiles exhibition catalogue]

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