October 6, 2006

Like Important Peoples' Desks, Daddy Types Advertisers Are Mahogany

A big thanks to the most helpful and important companies in the entire universe--what, too much? fine. In the entire galaxy--the advertisers right >> over >> there >>:

  • EliteCarSeats.com, who has the Orbit Baby Car Seat available NOW. [Orbit, galaxy, see? It's not a stretch at all.]
  • Vincent, cool shoes for cool kids: they're sweet AND Swedish--and now they're available in the US.
  • TheCareerPartners.com [don't forget the The], executive job sharing to help you get the work-life balance right.
  • The Soundtrack to Open Season, featuring the music of Paul Westererg, which you can sample in all its animated, hilarious glory at Lost Highway Records.
  • Sparkability.net, better things for kids, like the sweet new-to-the-US Micralite stroller.

    If you wish you or your company were made from mahogany, maybe you should advertise on daddytypes.com.

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