September 27, 2006

This Week In Precocious Children News

  • 4-year old sure plays a mean pinball set of drums. [youtube via eric]
  • 3-year old London boy buy-it-now!s a pink car on eBay. Had it been a less Barbie shade of pink, his dad wouldn't have minded. [chi sun-times via jalopnik]
  • 2.5-yo kid in the next room screamed, "But I don't WANT to go to school today, daddy!" 11 years ahead of schedule.

    THIS JUST IN: 14-yo gets 3-yo sister Paris Hilton-drunk, and then some. [cnn via tmn]
    THIS, TOO: 10-year olds learn to cut hair in Canada. [via boingboing]

    10-year-olds? There are soccer ball factories in Pakistan run by kids younger than that. Why, when Scott Baio was 10, he practically ran the whole underground Splurge economy during Prohibition.

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