August 24, 2006

Barney's Lawyers More Annoying, Entertaining Than Barney

barney_parody_lawsuit.gifThe EFF filed a suit against Barney's lawyers, who have spent almost five knuckleheaded years threatening a guy named Justin Frankel [Dr. Justin Frankel, thank you very much], making dubious claims that his online parody about "The Enemy's" true nature infringed on their client's copyright. [the image above is from Frankel's original page.]

I sure hope the legal definition of parody doesn't rely on how funny something actually is. But I guess you have to consider the crap he had to work with. The legal back and forth, meanwhile, is pretty entertaining.

EFF Sues Barney to Defent Online Free Speech
[ via ip]
The source of all evil []
Actually, this Taxonomy of Barney article is kind of funny, too. []

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