June 20, 2006

Totshop Throws A TotSampleSale

Got an tip last night, and I debated posting it until I got first dibs by finagling my way into the VIP preview tonight, but the kid and I were too busy popping edamame at Whole Foods, we missed it. I'll be lining up with the common class of hipsters and poseurs tomorrow, though.

Girlshop/Guyshop/Totshop is having a great Summer Sample Sale this week!
Swimsuits, summer dresses, accessories-- all the good stuff from indie
designers up to 75% off. Baby and toddler stuff from Totshop starts at

119 WEST 23rd ST, 8th FL (between 6th and 7th Aves)

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 5-8pm (VIP Preview!)
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 12-8pm
THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 12-8pm
FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 12-8pm
SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 12-6pm

Designers include: Lewis Cho, Ingwa;Melero, AKA, Charlotte, Cusp, Marie
Marie, Ani, Eve Lynn. for guys: Ed Hardy, Howe, Drifter. for tots: Oink,
Wonderboy, Jenerations Baby, Egg by Suzanne Lazar, Alex toys...and SO much

See you there?

[update: just got back, met dt readers Daniel and David f2f, which was cool. There's tons of stuff, mostly under 12-18 months, too. There's a big box of goodlooking kidscase that's mostly 12 mos and under. ]

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