June 8, 2006

Dads Who Know, Use Facebook Are More Confident, Involved

A study that confirms my own personal perspective? It MUST be true!

Rebel Dad has a good writeup of a BabyCenter-sponsored survey that shows new generations of dads [they actually use Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y as the breakdowns] are more involved in raising their kids, more interested in raising their kids, and they're more confident that they're doing a good job at it [and for the most part, their partners agree.]

Of course, a former colleague of mine who's a child development expert, and who's done similar parent surveys, says that almost all well-educated parents, even almost all non-deadbeat parents, think that they're doing a good job at parenting. He said the average rating people give themselves is 8/10, which lines up nicely with these new gen dads' views. So we're all equally self-assured and slightly blind to our own parental shortcomings? The Sesame Beginnings DVD people are rubbing their hands together with glee.

National Survey Shows Dads are Proud of Parenting Skills [yahoo/prnewswire via rebeldad]

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