May 30, 2006

Wow, The Only Thing Slate Left Off Is The Pick-up Lines

If you can get past the story of an STD surge at Florida retirement communities, the last Human Nature column in Slate before a two-month hiatus is a fertile field of pregnancy- and kid-related science findings from all over. Guess that means Will Saletan is off to the beach for the summer [stay clear of Fla!] to try to make a baby. Mazel Tov, Will!

Germane topics include:
Bovine growth hormone-laden dairy products contributing to rise in multiple births?
Men's fertility clock's ticking loudly, too [previously on dt: the flaccid French]
TV for babies? It's parents' idea. Plus, our baby boomer parents did it to us, first. [this has come up on dt as well]
Is pregnancy getting shorter? [Japanese people always insist to me that they and their 10-month pregnancies are unique. I think it's just month-vs-week calcs, combined with a healthy does of Japanese exceptionalism.]

Human Nature: Why old folks are getting herpes
[slate via dt reader and, apparently, milk lover jj]

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