May 1, 2006

Double Teaming In The Delivery Room: Shaq & Kobe Both Get Kids On Monday

shaq_baby_print.jpgKobe Bryant sank the winning shot for the Lakers Sunday, then his wife gave birth to their second daughter Monday. [Which means he's going to miss game 5 of the playoffs Tuesday in Phoenix. Apparently, the only jobs that involve a new dad going back to work immediately is rural Japanese car dealer and Mission Impossible 3 promoter.]

Small worlds being what they are, Shaquille O'Neal's wife had a baby girl Monday, too.

Here's a rundown of the names:
Kobe & Vanessa Bryant: Natalia and Gianna Maria-Onore.
Shaquille & Shaunie O'Neal: Taahirah, Amirah, Myles, Shareef, Shaqir, and now Mearah.

I hear Kobe's first choice was Gianna Maria-Honore, but there were no "h's" left.

Kobe's, Shaq's wives give birth Monday [msnbc via kottke]
Image: "Shaq Baby," by Kenneth Gatewood []

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