March 13, 2006

Other Daddies Typing: The Han Solo Edition

An irregular, incomplete survey of some of the interesting dadblog posts out there [can I get any more equivocating than that?]:

  • But if Parentbloggers are the new, annoying Sports Dads and Pageant Moms, exploiting their children for their own glory, does that mean TheBlogfathers is the new Pop Warner? [theblogfathers]
  • Two would be company: You kind of hope that the boy's testicles descend on schedule. Of course, if one doesn't, he may still go on to win the Tour de France. At 8 months, Genuine's wondering if he should buy his son a bike. [theblogfathers]
  • I was once told that the kid's head smelled "like your hand in the morning," [which I took to mean, "like my verbena hand emulsion," since the first thing I do in the morning is wash my hands. um.] LOD's kid's head, meanwhile, smells like burning moose turds. [theblogfathers]
  • Hungry for a diaperful of chocolate nuggets? Uh, yeah, me neither. Better order them before the kid shows up. [daddy*drama]
  • Melissa at Blogging Baby is apparently shadowing my wife. Our kid rocks the cool Morgan & Milo sneakers, too, and they also came from Nordstrom's Rack. [bloggingbaby]
  • Daddy In A Strange Land, indeed. Jason [who you may remember from such DT Children's Book Review Contests as...well, anyway, he's been logging some dadtime, that's all I'm trying to say] has spotted the ultimate "dads welcome" diaper-changing paradise--at the mall. Apparently it's worth a trip to the Westfield Shoppingtown Valencia Town Center just to see the parent's lounge. It certainly looks well-surveilled. [diasl]
  • When the wife first mentioned it, I was under the impression that The Parental Satisfaction Survey was one of those 360-degree review-type deals where The Squirrelly did the reviewing. It is not. [defectiveyeti]
  • Metrodad and The Boss Lady go to karaoke, but get MetroBro to come over so they don't have to drop the $12-15/hr +dinner +taxi on a NYC sitter. The BloggingBaby readers are a little shocked, but $12-15 seems totally reasonable, Karaoke, though? That's just crazytalk. [metrodad, bloggingbaby]
  • Cute alert: Sweet Juniper and The Peanut meet in NYC. Yes, unconscionably cute elfhats were involved. [metrodad, sweetjuniper]
  • Wait, Dutch hung out with Laid-Off Dad, too? And there were Wallace & Grommit birthday cakes? True, we were out of town, but I'll just keep joking through the loneliness all the same. [LOD, sweetjuniper]
  • Hmm. We're in the middle of a big can't-take-my-daughter-to-work-meetings scheduling crisis at the moment. If only the Metrodad solution--Pack'n Play at the office, loads of sympathetic colleagues--were an option...gotta admit, though it won't work for a 2yo, the commenter's story about putting her daughter in the snack room all day with an "I'm selling Girl Scout cookies!" sign over her head IS tempting... [metrodad]
  • An ode to snot and the daycare-induced, winter-long cold [morediapers]
  • The go-to-sleep routine, the when-he-wakes-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night routine, now there's the sleeps-12-hours-straight routine. The kids love the structure, and now, so does Peldi and his wife. [patatamonkey]
  • Good news for parents, bad news for authors: All/Most seems to be quiet on the Mommy War front. Meanwhile, does a great, rather thoughtful article about the dad insurgency. Now can we stop with the war metaphors? Thank you. [rebeldad]
  • I coulda told'ya, you name a kid Odin, pretty soon he's gonna start thinking he's in charge. Eric and his wife brace themselves for the Terrible Twos. []
  • The Snot And The Fury: Replace Yoknapatawpha County with Hamtramck, and Benjy with an unusually smart, cute baby girl. Throw in some stewardesses and realtors. Now I definitely want Dutch to come visit me. [sweetjuniper]
  • 4-D Portraits are so 2005: AJ's roundup of Ultrasound Keepsakes includes Baby Light Gems, who creates a 3-D sculpture of your unborn child in your choice of material: acrylic, aluminum, or brass. What, no carbonite?? [thingamababy]
  • Thingamababy: 2. For finding this maternity t-shirt that reads, "Dad: 1, Goalie: 0" [peak uniques via thingamababy]

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