January 21, 2006

Amazon Wants To Bury You With Seventh Generation Promo

seventh_generation_diapers.jpgJust when you were beginning to see daylight peeking through the mountains of Seventh Generation products you bought last time Amazon offered a $40 gift certificate, they go and do it again.

This time, you get $40 to spend at Amazon in March for purchasing $129 in 7G products in one shot by Jan. 31. Hmm. Last time, it was only $99. This is how they get you. By 2007, Amazon will be running a fleet of 7G dumptrucks around the clock, and we'll all be stuffing our sofa cushions with napkins and bathing in tubs of lavender shampoo just to keep up.

Buy $129 worth of Seventh Generation, Get $40 on Amazon [via dt reader nolan]

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