January 7, 2006

Actually, This Is The Second Escalade Mention

cad_escalade_esv.jpgHorrible mileage, unsafe menace, the over-compensating arrogance of their drivers, largely imaginary utility. People hate SUV's for all kinds of reasons. But trucks do all these things, and I like them...I just realized the real reason I don't like SUV's: not enough DVD players.

Introducing the 2007 Cadillac Escalade ESV, which, according to Jalopnik's report-of-a-report, is longer, bigger, and blingier than the 2005 model. and it has an extra DVD and 8" flip-down screen "to delight those Ritalin-fueled affluenza cases confined to the third-row seats." BRILLIANT!

And yes, that woman in the doorway is the au pair, who has designs on the front seat.

[jalopnik, full press release glory at leftlanenews]

[update: or maybe I didn't like SUV's because they weren't hand-built, near-perfect replicas of the original Toyota Landcruiser? holy moley.]

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