January 6, 2006

BabyGearSpotting At CES: Ultrasonic Cribs & Car Seat Sensors

delphi_icr_gizmodo.jpgA big shoutout to new dad and Gizmodan John, who I hope did NOT leave his newborn son home alone with a freezerful of Healthy Choice while liveblogging from CES in Las Vegas. [You never know, though; that Nick Denton's a whipcracking taskmaster straight outta Dickens.]

Anyway, someone from Gizmodo snapped this pic of a Delphi-invented Intelligent Child Restraint, which sounds much creepy-cooler than it is. Basically, it's a carseat sensor that tells you in which places your carseat is installed improperly. Eh. Here's hoping Delphi will come out of bankruptcy with enough R&D money left to finish designing it. Otherwise, this thing could wind up as a kit at Radio Shack.

The other find--alas, with no picture--is an ultrasonic crib that detects motion and breathing irregularities. Because if subjecting your kid to home ultrasoundings thoughout the pregnancy isn't harmful, then bathing him in ultrasonic waves 14 hours a day must be safe, too, right? [Oh wait, nobody knows. Maybe this'll be a good reason to commission some research.]

Live From CES: Delphi Intelligent Child Restraint and Crib Monitor [gizmodo via dt readers galore]

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