November 13, 2005

Other Daddies Typing, Vol...Whatever - Buying

sock_monkey_slippers.jpgHere's a round-up of what the blogs are buying--or talking about buying, anyway:

  • Buck got, loved 5starbaby's signature baby-announcement-as-movie-poster. []
  • To anyone thinking about getting me candy cane pajamas for Christmas: Um, can I see you over here for a minute? DON'T!! [bloggingbaby]
  • If you are thinking of buying the kid sock monkey slippers, on the other hand, you have my blessing. [uncommon goods via bloggingbaby]
  • Sure, Laid-off Dad starts innocently enough, talking about a colleague buying a TV-on-your-PC gizmo called a Slingbox [$250 at Amazon]. Which they use to monitor the live, hidden nanny-cam on their office computer. Intense emotional/legalistic/moral comments ensue. [and no, it's not clear if the nanny is hot. I'm betting not.]
  • Got a multicultural kid? Put her in one of Swirl Syndicate's swirled ice cream cone, mocha, or blender t-shirts and you may never have to put up with that annoying "Yes, she's mine. No, she's not adopted. Yes, I HAVE heard you can never go back. Are we done here?" conversation again. [swirlsyndicate via bloggingbaby]
  • And with a single Photoshopping stroke, Dutch declares "an end to the tedious expensive stroller debate" and introduces a near-perfect t-shirt graphic for Bugaboo playaz and hataz alike. [Awesome, but I love "My Other $900 Vehicle is a 2000 Honda Accord," too.]

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