October 19, 2005

Zahara: The Movie Coming Already?

Well, little miss Jolie doesn't waste any time. From the orphanage to a development deal to theaters in time for Thanksgiving? Day-um. Just got an email from Urbanbaby announcing that Zahara opens in theaters Nov. 11.

Let me just say, Zahara, that I have some great properties in development that I think you'll really like; let's set up a breakfast feeding, er, meeting to discuss [and now suddenly, I devolve into every pimple-faced Lara Croft fan.]

[update: OK... it turns out to be Zathura, and it's by the Jumanji guy, a Jumanji-in-space thing, and directed by Jon Favreau. That explains why Zahara's people have been so slow to get back to me; they're busy working out the similar name thing with Sony Legal. (makes int'l phone gesture with thumb and pinkie and mouths, "Call me.")]

Zathura.com [via ub]

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