September 29, 2005

Lleyton Hewitt: Tennis Star, Dad-to-be, Baby Pimp, Humanitarian

So no sooner to I get all guilty, defensive, and protective of my celebrity dads' privacy than I see dad-to-be Lleyton Hewitt and his pregnant wife have sold themselves--and their about-to-be-born child--to an Australian gossip magazine for $1 million. For a year. The kid's first year.

[update: according to a DT reader in Australia, "Lleyton & Bec"--yes, every Commonwealth country must revere a Bec(k) of some kind--announced that they were giving the magazine money to charity. Specifically, they're building an orphanage in Asia and donating to the AIDS Trust of AU. I stand clarified and more fully informed, if not actually corrected.]

These celebrities have warped my fragile little mind. touched my once-cynical heart.

The Hewitts sell themselves to Woman's Day [crikey, via cbb]

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