August 30, 2005

Hope You Guessed My Name. [Hint: It Starts With An R]

If you were having any doubts about whether you are demographically appropriate for the new Mercedes R-Class, let me clear them up right now: The R-Class is the official car of the upcoming Rolling Stones tour.

Meanwhile, I'm sure it'll be cleared up when I see an actual R-Class or two on the road, but twice this week, I was thrown off by the C-pillar of the Mercedes' 'Murican cousin, the Chrysler Pacifica. As one person on Autoweek's message board put it, comparing the R-Class to the Pacifica is "like comparing Ralph Lauren Polo to JC Penney Hunt Club." Wild horses couldn't drag me away. [via jalopnik: "the AARP-Class." heh]

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