April 22, 2005

moby's birth announcement

It's the same "look like a 'father type' to attract women" strategy as rentmyson.com, but a whole lot less skeevy.

By opening his latest teany book & tea shop with, "i have a birth to announce...," and "the proud parents: kelly, mcnally-robinson booksellers, and me, moby, are happy to report that the new-born is in good health and is happy and contented," Moby basically echoes last week's story in the NY Observer that he's on the hunt for a wife.

So if your poet/phd/socialite/activist/model sister just broke up with her too-shallow, commitment-phobic i-banker boyfriend is looking to settle down with a guy with some sensitive-yet-substantial capital--if not any capital letters--then help a bald brother out and send her down to teany with her sketchbook.

"i have a birth to announce..." [moby.com, via Curbed]
Moby, arm candy for the society set [Gawker]Moby forum discussion of moby's future wife [moby.com]

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