April 4, 2005

How Much For The Leetle Girl??

Oh. Well, how much for her name, birthdate, and mailing address, then?

GrowingFamily.com will give you a free newborn portrait in exchange for the right to sell your kid's vitals to their Network Partners (i.e., anyone they want). The pitch comes buried in a stack of papers you sign when you're admitted to the hospital to give birth. [debris, via blogger and dad-to-be Matt Haughey]

Marketers are always looking for a way to target you--and your kid--with their products. I've even heard of companies tracking your grocery store purchases, flagging the appearance of, say, newborn diapers in your basket. Like every single store in the world.

[update: Cory at BoingBoing writes, "Another friend of mine had his baby daughter die from crib-death a few weeks after she was born. For years afterward, he and his wife got a steady stream of marketing materials, including ghastly "birthday cards" from marketers who'd bought the information that they'd had a baby, but never received the message that the baby had died."]

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