January 17, 2005

Pataki Proposes Baby Daddy Tax Credit for NY

Since the site has been getting a lot of visitors from their message boards, I was poking around S2S, Sister 2 Sister Magazine over the weekend. A lot of the discussion is about how a baby mama can get her baby daddy to do right by his kid.

A baby daddy needs to do more than just drop off a little pair of Air Force 1's once in a while, you know, but taking him to court for child support creates unwanted baby mama drama and is an affront to a brother's manhood, aiight?

Well sisters, Governor Pataki, the whitey white whitest politician imaginable, feels your pain. He just proposed the first ever state tax credit for low-income, unmarried, noncustodial parents--i.e., baby daddies,--between the ages of 18 and 30, who are current on their child support. That covers about 10,000 men in the state. In addition to job-training programs and childrearing courses, it would offer them to $1,560/year, enough to buy 39 pairs of Nike Zoom LeBron II's for the little man. With the state budget deficit at $6 billion, it is unsure whether the new $16 million proposal will make it through the legislature.

Unmarried Fathers Gain Tax Incentive in Pataki Proposal [NYT]
Sister 2 Sister Magazine [s2smagazine.com]
Nike Toddlers Zoom Le Bron II, $39.99 at Kids Foot Locker [kidsfootlocker.com]

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