December 15, 2004

Who's Your Daddy? Guess Right And Win $100K

What moral capacity is required to keep Fox News's true believers' heads from exploding when their favorite company puts out a show like Who's Your Daddy? I really want to know.

On Jan. 3rd, Fox will air a reality TV special where an adopted woman tries to correctly pick her biological father from among eight candidates. If she guesses correctly, she wins $100,000. If she doesn't, the impostor does.

Fox has ordered at least seven more episodes. If only for ironic effect, they should run it on Jan. 20th.

Fox unveils paternity gameshow [C21 Media]

Fox wants to destroy western civilization?

Other dad-related reality TV embarassment opps:
Gay decorator couple to care for animatronic baby, ON TV!
Competition to father a child to end with sperm swim-off, ON TV!

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