November 22, 2004

Operation Baby Freedom

Fort Campbell, KY, home of the Army's 101st Airborne Division, is in the middle of a baby boom. The 101st started coming back from Iraq in January, and for some reason, the number of babies born since September has jumped over 50%, from 130 to over 200 per month. Overall, there are currently over 1,100 buns in--or just out of--the oven.

Even when it comes to hooking up on leave, the Army has a name for it: Operation Baby Freedom. And the pile-on of donations for young, new, surprised parents? Operation Stork Support. Now you can help. With the second operation, not the first, yo.

Fort Campbell Experiencing Baby Boom of Record Proportions [KFVS]
Operation Stork Support info page [workforce essentials]

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