September 14, 2004

Thinking of Cutting your Dad-ability Short?

And if, during my darker moments I feel at a loss for perspective, I can always recall the sentiments of my wife, uttered once she felt it was time for me to pull myself together, start changing nappies again and stop behaving like a man where pain is concerned.

"Just think," she implored, "if the cut were 10 times bigger, and you'd had clothes pegs on your nipples and no sleep for the past month, then you'd be getting closer to knowing what giving birth is like."

Two-time dad and Guardian columnist Jamie Fahey tells of his excruciating foray into family planning. Um, thanks for sharing, Jamie.

Note: Despite his use of terms like "pear-shaped" and "avocado-coloured," the Marie Stopes chain Fahey visited is not related in any way with Marie Callender's. [via TMFTML]

[Update: Actually, it seems everyone's doing it. Vasectomies are the new tribal armband tattoo.]

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