April 29, 2004

LOLOL Nippaz With Attitude

Nippaz With Attitude flag, image: nippaz.com Where to start? NWA: Nippaz With Attitude is the UK source for some of the coolest designs around for baby t-shirts, Onesie∆-like creepers*, skull caps, and bibs. NWA has heavy metal-inspired designs that somehow don't look like trailer trash, and even their bargain basement is cool, with rarer Che designs and "free ghetto parcel+post (mainland UK only)." My favorite: the one that says funlovin', drinkspillin', cribrockin', reprezentin' &c, &c.

nippaz_mittens.jpegAnd, of course, the Max Cady-style scratch mittens, which have "LOVE" and "HATE" tattooed across the knuckles.

Judging from the obligatory mugshots, NWA is a secret in the USA, so you'll be the first on your block. Plus, foreign money pricing makes everything seem free.

[update: NWA was dreamed up, literally, by Ian Mclaren, a recovering A&R guy who started making togs for his punk friends' sprogs. (And they call elevators "lifts" over there, you know.)

NWA will ship to the US: registered mail is £4 for the first 3 items, £1 for each additional.] * see below.

While I'm not clear on the reach of Gerber Childrenswear's trademark on the Onesie ∆ brand of infant bodysuits, I'd be muddying the brand waters to describe NWA's product as Onesie∆ when, in fact, they call them creepers. Let's face it, creeper sounds a lot meaner and tougher than Onesie ∆ anyway, which is what you'd want in this situation. N.W.A, meanwhile, IS a registered trademark of Comptown Records, Inc., but I think the folks in the music industry have their own ways of settlin' scores that don't involve no fancy lawyers n'shit, nome sane? Let's hope it involves breakdancing competitions; it'd be sad to find out that whole East Coast-West Coast thing was the result of a trademark dispute.

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