April 21, 2004

Kids Naming Kids

From McSweeney's: Baby Names for an Expected Sister Suggested by Nathaniel Watson, Age Six

Early on, in the interest of drumming up ideas and goodwill among cousins, and avoiding children's-eye-level trends ("Well, there are 10 Isabelle's in my class."), we asked our 8 year-old niece Audrey if she had any favorite names we could use for her new cousin.

The list she emailed back sounded like a bunch of stripper stage names, and we began wondering where her mother was taking her nights. Careful quizzing revealed the more disturbing truth: they're all from TV shows, most on The WB.

She also said we couldn't use a name that starts with "A," since that's her letter now. A bold claim for a kid born into a family of Allens.

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