June 30, 2008

What To Expect When You're A First-Time Expectant

I was talking with a baby gear company executive last week, and when she offhandedly used the term "first-time expectants," I stopped to quiz her about it. It's pretty obvious what and why the concept exists--if I were selling piles...
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Feeling Pretty Good At The End Of The Day

We were at MoMA the other day, the kids and I, and when we'd had our fill of watching Spiral Jetty--the kids' first visit is in a couple of weeks--we got up, turned the corner, where another dark, grainy...
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Wal-Mart Seeks To Destroy Our Milk Crate Way Of Life

The milk crate's days are numbered. Record collectors, bodega-haunting codgers, and playroom shelf-building dads of the future will curse the name of Greg Soehnlen, the Robert Oppenheimer of milk packaging design, whose square milk jug stacks tighter and four...
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