June 10, 2008

Freakin. Awesome. Banaue Filipino Like-A-Biker Gang

So you want to talk about wooden walking bikes? Kevin Kelly's got a small but amazing collection of photos of Like-A-Bike-like wooden bikes from all over the world. [If you're a bike entrepreneur looking for a way to out-maneuver...
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Don't Call Them Token: Dadbloggers Rap On NPR

Tuesday is normally Mocha Moms day on Tell Me More, NPR's daily talk show with Michel Martin; it's as if The View were just about parenting, and just happened to be black. It's also the kind of chitchat that gets...
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Magical Baby Butler Somehow Frees Up A Hand

Through some unexplained miracle of strap technology, the ingenious Baby Butler enables you to free up a hand while you're giving the kid a bottle. With that free hand, you can do anything you like, say, read a children's...
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Camo Mercedes Wagon Can't Hide In Monaco

Monaco has its own internal logic when it comes to cars. When my Citroen 2CV still had Marseilles-area tags on it, I would get pulled over every fifteen minutes. But after I installed my bamboo sunscreen on the roof,...
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