June 6, 2008

Oakland In Da Rebel Alliance!

This awesome shirt by The Girl and Rhino is currently not available in either kid or infant sizes! Sorry to mess up your weekend. The AT-AT Tee, $17-22, when it's in stock [thegirlandrhino via dinosaursandrobots] update: weekend saved! they...
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There aren't many songs from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's early epic, Cannibal: The Musical that you can let the kid watch [Unless you want to explain whorehouses, hanging the bastard, and of course, cannibalism at bedtime]. But what...
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There's A Rocker Sale At Modernica!

If you're not going to Genius Jones' big Bugaboo Event in Miami tomorrow, you can make the one-day-only Warehouse Sale at Modernica in LA instead! Or join in online, where a Fiberglass Rocker made from Eames and Herman Miller's...
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Freakout Friday: All Week Long Edition

Sheesh, after sitting on some of these alarming findings all week, I am freaked out: Childhood cancer rates are highest in Northeast, study finds. higher by like 7%, too: 179/million vs 166/million average. Must be all that liberal health care...
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Except There Are No Brooklyns

I know the big issue is really the pre-K admissions trauma, but still this is a useful snapshot of Williamsburg kid names circa 2004. Half the list could be from any yuppie enclave anywhere in the country:Ms. Yourke added: “I...
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