April 30, 2008

One Of These Things Doesn't Belong Here

I know The 'Street was edgier back in the day, but still. The synopsis list on our DVR fakes me out every. single. time:Rosita finds other uses for her wings. Gabi and Big Bird baby-sit for Natasha. Baby Bear...
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Hmm, Not The Phaeton Station Wagon I Was Dreaming Of

I noticed that a neighbor in DC recently bought a VW Phaeton, and since every other house in our DC neighborhood has either a Volvo wagon, a Mercedes wagon, or a Passat wagon in front of it, the walks...
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Holy Crap, Our Book Is #42 On Amazon

And by "our," of course, I mean "Dooce." Way back, Heather Armstrong invited me [1] to write an essay for her anthology on fathers and fatherhood, Things I Learned About My Dad (in therapy). The book was just released yesterday,...
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