April 29, 2008

Our Children's Gorilla's Wonderwall's Fellows

The folks at Our Children's Gorilla, Sweden's great indie toy and design company [who have advertised on DT] have created a limited edition suite of prints for Wonderwall, Sweden's great indie wall decorating company [who have not]. Called "Fellows,"...
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Elmer The Unambiguously Awesome Dishware Set

You know, I thought it was just a phase, but I'm liking Elmer the patchwork elephant a lot more these days. Not sure why. And that goes for this pretty sweet-looking Elmer tableware set, too. Not that we'll be...
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That CrazyTrendy Flickr Collection, With Kids, And Now 80% Safer For Work!

Maybe 75%. Mister Jalopy calls the mmk_kobayashi's 4,000-strong collection "the best flickr stream ever." [uptone at the end, there: "ever?"] Also, tasteless, hilarious, and "sporadically NSFW." Well, I was selflessly pulling out kid-related links last night, when I realized...
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