April 14, 2008

Hmm, But Ikea Already Has Wall-Mounted Changing Tables

Why go to the trouble of hacking together a wall-mounted Ikea changing table from the office furniture section, when Ikea already offers a perfectly fine-looking wall-mounted changing table in the changing table department? The Antilop changing table is supposedly...
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Ikeahackable? Laptop Workstation-Into-Diaper Workstation?

I know what you were thinking--or at least I know you know what I was thinking--when you saw that new Ikea PS series Laptop Workstation on minor details last week: sweet, but could you make a wall-mounted changing table...
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Bugaboo Blanket Schmanket, Check Out This Bugaboo USB Drive!

"For information and images on the Bugaboo micro fleece blanket, please insert enclosed flash drive." You mean this sweet, Bugaboo flash drive, complete with a lanyard?? Anything you say, Madam Publicist! OK, so it's only 512Mb, it's still pretty...
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Papa Poems From Siv Widerberg's I'm Like Me

It's not perfect, but it's a perfect artifact of the era: The 1973 collection of poems by Swedish poet/writer/school teacher Siv Widerberg was published by The Feminist Press under the title, "I'm Like Me: Poems for people who want to...
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We Need A Montage! Children And Their [Babywearing] Fathers

While the wife and K2 were in NYC, the kid and I went to the book sale at the library over the weekend. It was in unusually good form: seven books for an embarrassing $1.40, including Bruno Munari's Zoo;...
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