April 9, 2008

Dayum, That Is One Weezy F'in Baby

So not only is Lil Wayne better than Jay-Z, he's badder than The Notorious B.I.G., AND Nas, whose albums had wimpy little uninked babies on the covers? Let's go to the tape:“My mama’s a gangsta...She told me every day,...
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"Blatantly Unfocused Play With Their Daddy"

I'm re-reading Calvin Trillin's 1998 book, Family Man, and it's rather more interesting now that I'm a dad. Jim's right, he's the godfather of all typing daddies, not just those who make a big deal about changing tables in the...
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Aprica X Fendi $1600 Stroller Colabo, W & T Versions To Follow Shortly

Ho. Ly. Smokes. Aprica's gone all Via Montenapoleone on us again. This Aprica for Fendi stroller is just what it looks like: a $300 Aprica reupholstered with $1300 of WTF. But here's the kicker: Fendi is owned by LVMH....
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Embrace The Butterfly

All your kid talks about is butterflies? Fine. Just run with it. They're just dinosaurs for girls. With the Butterflies of the World poster, your kid'll be the best damn lepidopterist this side of Vladimir Nabokov. Rainbows? All you...
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There's Daddy Typing

there's daddy typing Originally uploaded by daddytypes Our new oilcloth tablecloth, picked up from Coco's Variety, as shot by our new auteur, with our new Flip....
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