April 5, 2008

DTQ&A: Scott Pankratz, The Dad Who Crowdsurfed His Daughter To Obama

Alright, you have to admit, AP photographer Alex Brandon's shot of 8-month-old Natalie Pankratz-Osborn surfing across the mob at the Barack Obama rally in Missoula, Montana today is pretty awesome. As an aficionado of presidential imagemaking and as a...
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Goodnight, Seagull. Goodnight, Sprout. Goodnight, Bedtime Television Going Ballsout

"It's time for bed now. Goodnight, from Aquafresh." As so-called "researchers, pediatricians, cognitive development scientists, and neurologists" stoke the fires of outrage and goad their non-profit lackeys, the heartless, joykilling communistic social activists to attack, where can a worn out...
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Vamanos! NAFTAstic Dora Minivan Of Canada

Do not adjust your screen. You are not dreaming. NAFTA is real, and it is working hard for Canadian children every. single. minute. That IS a photo of an American minivan [the Chevrolet Uplander, made in Doraville, Georgia! Until...
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