March 24, 2008

ABC Books Good And Bad

It's a little librarian-nerdy, but every once in a while, I like to get my fix of The Horn Book, the venerable trade magazine of the children's book business. It's like reading KidScreen, the kids TV industry magazine, only slightly...
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Plush Surveillance Camera By Jennifer Lew

Given her creative genius and mad sewing skillz, I don't doubt that plushmaster artist Jennifer Lew would have created a soft, cuddly surveillance camera/computer keyboard mashup eventually. I just thank the New York Times for commissioning it now, to...
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Horton Hears Who, Freaks Out Kid, Gets Dad Thinking

So the kid went to a theater for her first, actual movie over the weekend: Horton Hears A Who. It totally freaked her out. Technically, her first movie ever was John Cassavetes' Shadows, which she watched with me when...
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BPA A-to-Z, Including TXT @ Z Recommends

While the CPSC sits by and does nothing, and the consumer and environmental activist groups go for the big, legistlation-changing headlines, parents who actually want to do something about exposing their kid to Bisphenol-A (BPA) are left in the lurch....
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Two Doctors, Both Alike In BabyPlus Quackery

In Mimi Maternity where we lay our scene... You know what, life's too short and I'm too busy, so while I'd like to retell the entire BabyPlus saga in Shakespearean verse, I'd rather just be done with it. Hopefully you'll...
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