March 13, 2008

Wow. Shagtastic Lucite Rocker

If you'd given up on your groovy Halston-themed nursery and were about to return that silver metallic op art wallpaper, STOP. Your rocker just turned up on eBay. MODERN LUCITE ROCKING CHAIR 1970'S, $475 bid or $500 Buy It...
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NYT: Jim Carrey Ruins A[nother] Dr. Seuss Movie

In the NY Times, Tony Scott rips Jim Carrey's dismal performance as Horton, but this line almost makes me want to see the movie anyway:All kinds of extraneous elements are added to the story. The Mayor of Who-ville, voiced by...
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Imagineers Set To Screw Up Mary Blair's It's A Small World Ride

When I was little, Mary Blair's animatronic masterpiece, the Disneyland version of It's A Small World, made me want to become an Imagineer so bad, I sent off for the brochure. Instead, I ended up becoming what no kid in...
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Sweet, That Molded Ply Fold-down Changing Table Is By Bo Ekstrom

It's a molded ply world out there--in Scandinavia, anyway. Thanks to DT reader Anouschka, who ID'd that molded ply changing table as the work of Swedish designer Bo Ekstrom. The byBo Nursing Table is, in fact, molded birch laminate,...
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Wasting Away Again In KidKupzville

Uh-oh: "If you're a Mom, you're likely familiar with the age-old problem of trying to administer harsh-tasting medicine to a sick, fussy child!" Good thing the publicist added "or a dad" in the press release, or we coulda had...
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