March 12, 2008

Two's A Trend! Another Stylish Crib Of Death Photoshoot

Wow, you know what? Celebrities are just like us. If by "celebrities," you mean Brooke Burke [1], and by "us," you mean people whose wildly unsafe-but-photogenic nursery furniture causes online comment riots. Before the whole DIY crib of death...
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Ooh, Will Homemade Crib Of Death Win Design*Sponge's DIY Contest??

Killer crib, dude! Vote now, and help turn Design*Sponge's DIY contest into a potentially lifesaving learning opportunity for everyone about the safety hazards posed by crib slats that are more than the government-mandated 2 3/8 inches apart [head gets...
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Ombelico: Sweet, Belted, Modular Storage By Marc Sadler

Oh, awesome, modular cube-shaped retail fixtures, where were you when I needed you? Milan-based industrial designer Marc Sadler is developing Ombelico, a [presumably] low-cost, flatpack storage and display system, with the Italian manufacturer Alu. It's made from WPC, wood...
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Marion? She's A Man, Baby!

NYT columnist John Tierney's middle name is Marion, which caused him no end of grief as a child:I had vivid memories of playground serenades to my middle name: “Marion . . . Madam Librarian!” (My tormentors didn’t care that the...
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