March 11, 2008

Totally Tubular Rocking Horse On eBay

I would love nothing more than to get a gloating email from someone next week explaining what an incredible deal they got on this thing, and how could I not recognize this ultra-rare, tubular steel rocking horse that Giorgetto...
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That's WACK! Lea Lublin And Niki de Saint Phalle's Feminist Baby Art At PS1

"WACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution," is an exhibition at P.S. 1 that takes a historical, international perspective on artists working in the late 1960's and 1970's who were either involved in or impacted by feminist activism. I'm itching to...
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Freaking Out Children Since The 1930's: The Land Of Make-Believe Map By Jaro Hess

In 1930, Czech artist Jaro Hess' painting, "Adventure in Storyland," which offered a dazzling Grand Unifying Theory of the world's fairy tales, was turned into a poster by The Child's Wonderland Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It's been reissued...
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