February 27, 2008

The New York Times Is The New Urban Baby

Five months ago, Keith Dixon and his wife lost their dining room to the new baby, and now he's struggling to figure out how to cook dinner in silence so the toppling towers of pans don't wake up the just-asleep...
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PR Idiots Will Name Baby Brooklyn For Food

Look, I've got nothing against the name Brooklyn, not at all. Some of my best friends have named their kids Brooklyn. I'm just saying if you trade the kid's birth certificate for a freakin' Domino's Pizza, you're a gigantic chump:ANN...
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Never Mind The Maddox: Cleveland Kindergartner Suspended For Freshening Up His Mohawk

First, they protested the product, so he didn't spike it up. Then they told his mom that mohawks weren't allowed, even though they're not mentioned in the dress code. Now some charter school in Cleveland sent some six-year-old home after...
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Curriculumachine: Drunken 70's Japanese TV Show For Kids

Ho-ly smokes. Take hidden footage from The Electric Company's off-the-hook Christmas parties, where Rita Moreno turns her skirt-shaking Anita from West Side Story into a streetwalker. Combine it with bits from Laugh-in, and intersperse animation copied straight off the...
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