February 13, 2008

"One Pink And One Purple!"

The kid stayed home from preschool today with a fever [Sorry, playdate buddy! We didn't take her temperature until you were here!]. Now she woke up from a nap with a higher fever, and as I went to get her...
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Speaking Of Disconnects From Reality: "My Fake Baby," A C4 Documentary

I'm sure these extra-lifelike infant dolls--which are all over eBay--have been mentioned on DT before; I'm just too creeped and/or bummed out by the whole concept to look them up. Didn't stop the UK's Channel 4 from doing a...
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Don't Wait Up For Those Chevy Traverse Mileage Numbers

GM's vice-chairman and chief car design guy Bob Lutz recently told a roomful of lunch-mooching Texas journalists that global warming is "total crock of shit." [sorry, mom, it's a quote!]. And if that's not crazy enough for you, he also...
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4-yo Rokke Stingray Rocking Chair Wins Innovation Award

Thomas Pedersen's Stingray rocking chair was designed in 2004, and has been for sale for at least two years. So when I saw it described on Dwell.com as "NEW" and a winner of the Interior Innovation Award at this...
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Helen Levitt's Photos Of Kids And Their Street Art

Lifelong New Yorker Helen Levitt is one of the masters of street photography, the kind of candid, revelatory imagemaking that, as a NYT reviewer once wrote, "combine[s] intuition and intellect to forge sophisticated, lyrical compositions from commonplace events." If...
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