February 12, 2008

Johnny Cash And The Good Ol' Muppets

Times sure have changed since the good old days, when the Disney Channel didn't get uptight about rerunning the Muppets and Johnny Cash rallying 'round the Confederate Flag and singing a song about running off to Jackson when the...
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Movietone Presents The Prams Of The Future Of The Past--Also, Wonderbaby

Andy Baio found the Movietone Digital Archives, a collection of over 48,000 newsreel stories dating from before the 1930s to the mid 1970's. With a free, instant log-in, you can see all the clips in Quicktime; ordering broadcast quality video...
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It's Fun To Crochet A Muno Amigurumi, And That's How You Do It

I'm no expert, but I think if you have the Brother NC-7340 printer/scanner/fax/crocheter set up on your network, you just load whatever color of yarn you need--in this case, red-- and cut & paste this crocheting code from Craftster,...
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