February 11, 2008

DT Headline Browser Tab Roundup

Some interesting things that, given nannies enough and time, might have been full-blown posts [Also things which reveal that I'm probably in a rut, source-wise, extra reading feels like an unaffordable luxury at the moment]: Famous Industrial Designer Tucker Viemeister...
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Shotgun! A Postphenomenological Exegesis On Gendered Motors' Launch Of The Chevy Traverse

I'm so stoked that DT regular GFR took a break from preparing his presentation for the College Art Association, to do some investigative blogging at the Chicago Auto Show. As you will see from his first dispatch, which he titled,...
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Make Joints, Not Jihadis: The "I Don't Want To Blow You Up!" Coloring Book

Global war on terror harshing your buzz? Ever thought what it'd be like if, like, all the jihadi Muslims were actually just the figment of some galactic giant's imagination? Or maybe they're, like, atoms on the fingertip of some...
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I Think I Know Where One Of Those Sumi Ink Club Mobiles Is

Warning: convoluted, punk hipster ramble, combined with 80's and 90's flashbacks, ending with very slightly relevant payoff but realistically, probably none at all ahead: So there was an outlaw outdoor concert on the banks of the LA River last November...
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