February 5, 2008

Please Tell Me This Lucha Catman Puzzle Will Go Into Production

I've been waiting for this Lucha Catman puzzle ever since I saw the chunky MDF prototype last spring at the Bubbly NY trade show. It's from the always-awesome Our Children's Gorilla [and yes, they were awesome even before they...
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Transnational Migration & Parenting Style

A bit random, sourcewise, but interesting. It's from a project by a neighbor of ours in DC, an online journal called Migration Information Source, which just got a glowing writeup in the NY Times yesterday. Wellesley sociology professor Peggy Levitt...
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Dad Van Or Rad Van? The Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter CDi

You know what's been lost in the whole minivan era? A suitable appreciation of the maxivan. Back in the day, when the customized Dodge van was a-rockin', you knew not to come knockin'. Ahh, good times. Now it turns...
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Nerds Reproducing IV: A New Hope

Congrats to b3ta.com member Afinkawan, who announced the birth--and the conception and gestation, for that matter--of his son daughter [d'oh -ed.] with a lovely piece of Star Wars Photoshoppery [excerpt above]. It sure beats bullseyein' womp rats back home....
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