January 28, 2008

I Suppose The Bisphenol A Industrial Complex Is To Blame For Shortages Of The Safe Sippy

Every new baby gear company needs a Big Vision. For the Baby Boomers who founded Munchkin, the dream was to "excite and delight parents" and make their "lives easier and more enjoyable." Which meant first, a baby bottle with...
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Did Buckminster Fuller Really Design A Crib Called The Kiddie Koop?

Kut the krazy krap; you've got to be kidding: Buckminster Fuller, the father of the geodesic dome, was also the creator [kreator?] of the Kiddie Koop crib? The Kiddie Koop made by the Trimble Nurseryland Furniture Co. of Rochester, NY?...
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Still Less Offensive Than A Dora Backpack

Brian is in BF Poland at the moment, tormenting some stranger with postcards, and snapping photos of the local kids' gear, like this embroidered backpack. Which somehow, is not the most unfortunate product he found. Poland Dispatch: Unfortunate Products...
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LA Times: The Station Wagon That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Sorry, MSNBC, the LA Times has spoken! Station wagons aren't dead after all. They're fine; they're just not called station wagons anymore."It is believed that 'wagon' is a death sentence for a vehicle," said Alexander Edwards, automotive division president...
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