December 7, 2007

DT Q&A: "A Million Little Diapers," By Actor/Playwright/Dad John Mooney

It's Daddy Types editorial policy that there's no quid pro quo for advertising on the site. So when I saw the ad appear on Daddy Types for John F. Mooney's play, "A Million Little Diapers," my interest was piqued. So...
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Cookies & Blow

Gawker took special note of the juxtaposition of these two features on the front page of Cookie Magazine's website today. When taken in conjunction with the ad Cookie is running on DT right now--"Help Us Reward an Amazing MOM!"--one...
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Crazalert Dec. 10-12: Yoya To Fill Someone's Loft With Merch, Sell It For "Insane" Discounts

Yoya's having a sample/warehouse/clearance/blowout sale next week, and you and your cash are invited. Not sure what they have planned, whether it's just books, clothes and toys, or whether there are Netto and ducduc nursery setups for immediate delivery,...
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Napfnapf: Double-Sided Suction Cups Hold The Kid's Plate Down

Not content to just watch the kid's design world and report as it goes by, the folks at Kidsmodern have begun designing products. First up: the Napfnapf, a set of double-sided silicone suction cups you can carry in your...
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