December 4, 2007

The Boyms Put The Babel Blocks New Yorker Dolls On The MySpace, The YouTube

Babel Blocks are New Yorkers, each unique in his or her religious and cultural affiliations, but underneath, they're all the same: i.e., made from wooden blocks. Get it? Just like we're all the-- Also, they all have a MySpace,...
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Swanky Ikea See-Saw Breaks Kid's, My Heart

Martin Rosquist's Vippig see-saw, made of molded and shaped birch ply for Ikea is absolutely beautiful to look at. Unless your kid is trying to ride it all by herself, and there are no other kids around the store,...
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DT Checklist: Stuck On Some Juddy Wall Shelves

So the other kid's crib, which was originally going to be the kid's toddler bed, is inching toward conversion, and you must admit, it is rather Juddish. Given the crib and the overall minimalist [as in art] vibe, I...
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Wait, What? The Kid's 18. Why Should The Sperm Donor Have To Pay Anything?

I remember a Canadian telling me once that in his country, parents often didn't pay for college because when kids turn 18, they take responsibility for themselves and start paying their own way. The actual existence of such a magical...
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WTF Coloring Books

Posse Comi-WHAT-us? I can hear you! The kid's been coloring her way through the assembly instructions for Ikea furniture and our new kitchen shelves, so when my dad brought the kid an NSA CryptoKids coloring book a couple of...
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Read The Whole Book Online With Lookybook

Obviously, it's no substitute for an actual sitdown with a real book, but it might be a nice way to watch the computer together. And it though it doesn't have the selection of an airport bookstore yet, much less ye...
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Discontinuation Of Dodge Magnum Somehow Signals End Of Station Wagon Era

With the discontinuation of the family pimp's whip of choice, the Dodge Magnum, MSNBC has declared the death of the station wagon:Car makers rushed to meet the anticipated demand with a flood of new models like the Dodge Magnum, the...
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TchotchkeWatch: Alessi Modern Nativity Set

One of my earliest memories of visiting my grandparents' house was the veritable army of porcelain figurines that filled the tables and shelves. [The Hummels were behind glass.] There were these French poodles, where the puppies' collars were chained to...
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Make Me Some Tortillas, Mujer!

Chris and his wife Carey feel it's important for their kid to learn Spanish. The lessons of wife-subjugating and child-beating that come with the traditional Mexican nursery rhymes in her little bilingual book are just an added bonus. Lost...
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