November 27, 2007

"And You've Got The Whole Idea Behind The Volkswagen Station Wagon."

"Maybe you work it so you could walk to the back to change a diaper, or squash a rebellion." Yeah, maybe. Previous DT coverage of great VW ideas squashed flat like a shoebox...
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Speaking Of Ristomatti Ratia, Check Out This Kid's Bed

A household name from Finland to Estonia, Ristomatti Ratia is one of the most cut-n-pastable designers working today. Ratia is not resting on his laurels for having created the Palaset storage cube system. His studio is keeping busy with...
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Suh-weet Elephant Bank By Luigi Colani

In the 1970's, Luigi Colani took a break from designing the future to create a little elephant-shaped bank for Dresdner Bank to give out to the kids. One has found its way to Lancaster, PA, and from thence to...
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Hello Kitty Hell Is Other People's Hello Kitty

I'm not posting this photo of a Hello Kitty car seat because I think anyone should get it. [Besides, I can't find the product info, which has something to do with Guardian, according to that brochure.] No, I'm posting...
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DT Checklist: Modular Storage To Fill Kids Room Gap

While the room itself is bigger, the closet in the kids' room is much smaller than in the kid's old room. So we need to get some actual storage furniture to hold their clothes. I really like the idea...
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