November 20, 2007

The Arts & Science Of The $275 Onesie

Sonya Park opened her Tokyo-based brand Arts & Science in 2003 to stock, make, and sell the stuff she wanted, and what she wanted was old-school high quality inflected with some contemporary edge. Or something. It's a joushitsu na...
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Two Dreams, Both Alike In Dignity: Diaper Diesel, Lands Precedent

A Quebec company is developing a facility for converting 30,000 diapers/year into 11,000 tonnes of diesel fuel using a process called pyrolysis:David Bressler of the University of Alberta says pyrolysis is a "very hot area of research right now".Pyrolysis is...
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High Five To 10 Grain For Their Molded Ply Play Furniture

Eric Pfeiffer, of the Offi and Modernseed Pfeiffers, and one of the contemporary masters of molded ply, is once again trying to mold his way into our hearts with his new furniture venture, 10 Grain, which had a sneak...
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Cradleboard = Baby Backpack + Plagio Helmet + Supermax + Tatonka

From Henry Wood Elliott, Harper's Magazine, 1878:The writer in 1870 was taking a short-cut over the country near old Fort Casper, on the Platte, when he paused to kneel and drink at a clear little stream as he crossed....
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